-New Agent-

Dear Real Estate Professional,

Thinking of semi retiring? Closing fewer than 3 transactions a year? Thinking of going part time? Thinking of leaving the business because of high membership, errors and omissions and office fee costs? Now you have a new option!

Due to the increase amount of real estate professionals leaving the industry for various reasons, including the difficulty in surviving today’s market. It makes logical sense for agents to temporarily place their licenses in a holding company until they feel they are ready to go active again. Or for those agents who simply want to hold their license and refer business for commission referral fee!

The real estate market is a dynamic and quickly changing field. That is why C.A.R.E. (Chicago Area Referral Exchange) offers agents a better choice than to simply “walking away” and terminating their real estate license.

What is a license holding company? A holding company is one that is established for the sole purpose of allowing a real estate professional to maintain their license while in “inactive status”. This means that the license is not completely forfeited and permanently terminated. If an agent was to forfeit their license completely and leave the industry, it would be necessary to start over again with the basic licensing course should the agent decide to re-enter the profession. Agents who do not have the financial capability to maintain the high cost of staying in the business may simply have their license processed and placed with a holding company. The following facts should be noted prior to placing a license with our Holding Company.

• One time sponsor account set up and processing fee (includes state processing of sponsorship "license transfer" only; newly licensed agents must follow AMP instructions and pay state/IDFPR application fee in addition)

• Annual Membership Renewal fee debited from a major credit card on January 1st of each subsequent year.

• Monthly account maintenance fee debited from a major credit card on the 1st of each month.

• Not required to pay or join any Association, Suprae or Sentrilock program, MLS or other routine fees.

• Associate may “reactivate” their license at any time rather than “starting over” (call for details)

• Agents must maintain continued education requirements with the IDFPR while in a holding company.

• 30% Minimum Referral fee or agreed amount between CARE agent and Active agent! Agent may refer clients to any of our Branch or Affiliate Offices for a referral fee!

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