Q: Am I required to maintain my license?

A: Yes, Even if a broker or company/firm sponsors your license; you're required by the state to complete continued education and requriements. For more information please contact the IL state or visit the IDFPR.com web site.


Q: Is my license valid once it expires?

A: No, once it is expired it isn't valid.


Q: May I keep my original license with me?

A: No, Per IDFPR your original license must stay with your sponsoring broker; however, the pocket card portion is kept with you at all times.


Q: My license is expiring, what do I do?

A: You are responsible for your license, contact the IL state or visit the IDFPR.com web site on how to renew your license.


Q: My address changed, what do I do?

A: You are required to notify your sponsor, the IL state, associations including others of any address changes.


Q: How do I quit/terminate my sponsorship?

A: Depending on your signed agreement with your broker and or company/firm, some circumstances require a thirty day signed written notice. Others don't, please contact your direct sponsor (not state) in regards to your agreement.